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Our delicious small-batch pumpkin and winter squash chutneys are now available. Perfect with cheese, cold meats, in a sandwich or even just scooped straight out of the jar, these are incredibly versatile. Each is made with our own organically-grown pumpkins and winter squash, which are hand planted and harvested on our smallholding in Aberdeenshire.

You will receive:

Spiced winter squash and apple chutney (large jar): a lightly spiced chutney that has had fantastic reviews from visitors to our annual pumpkin patch, where it sells out in a flash every year! 275g

Pumpkin Piccalilli: This packs a bit of a punch, with a crunchy and fresh flavour. It's a personal favourite in our family. Delicious piled in a cheese sandwich to liven up your lunch. 250g

Spiced winter squash and apple chutney (small jar): as above but smaller. 200g

Trio of chutneys

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