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Udny Pumpkins

Udny Pumpkins is run by Jenny Fyall, with the usually-willing assistance of her husband John and their two young children Isabel and Thomas. Jenny's obsession with all things pumpkin started in 2017 after the family moved to a 10-acre smallholding near Aberdeen. When a friend suggested a pumpkin patch as a good use for their spare field, she first had to look up what one was and then she stayed up half the night researching how to make it work. 

A few months later she was prostrate on the floor in agony with a bad back after trying to plant, grow and weed 1,000 pumpkin plants by hand. However, the seed of the idea had begun to germinate and (with the help of a good pilates teacher to fix her poorly back) she cracked on.


The first year only a few hundred pumpkins grew but visitors to the patch were kind enough to be very encouraging and their positive comments and reviews spurred her on. So the following year there were about 1,000 pumpkins, and the numbers continue to grow each year! 

There are many types of pumpkins to choose from, ranging from white Snowman pumpkins, to warty ones, tiny ones good for decoration, large ones for carving and tasty varieties intended for cooking (although all our pumpkins are great for eating).

Part of the aim of Udny Pumpkins is to open up the smallholding to visitors to enable members of the public, and especially children, to learn about how food is grown and to have a hands on experience planting seeds, feeding animals and even visiting the bee hives on site.

We hope you can visit soon!

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