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**Note: kits on sale now for planting in the spring. April is the best time to plant.**


Grow your own pumpkins for Halloween with expert help from a professional pumpkin grower!


This is a smaller kit aimed at those who are on a tighter budget or don't want to grow so many pumpkins.


You'll get one pot with this kit, and three seeds, as well as detailed instructions, compost, fertiliser and pot label. Choose whether to grow a medium sized orange variety, mini orange variety or mini white variety.


These pumpkins are suitable for the beginner grower and the seed varieties are tried and tested as suitable for UK growing conditions.


You'll also get the password to access a Facebook pumpkin growing club where you'll find tips from the pumpkin farmer, and have an opportunity to ask questions and share photos (joining code included in your kit).


Each kit includes:


Pumpkin seeds (3 seeds of one variety)


One reusable plant pot (orange)


Compost disc




Labelling stick


Instruction leaflets


Beautifully packaged to make a perfect gift


Pumpkin growing kit: BUDGET BOX!

  • This growing kit was designed and created by Jenny Fyall, who has grown thousands of pumpkins on her smallholding in Scotland.

    She has written planting and care instructions to help ensure your pumpkin has every chance of thriving.

    In addition, you'll find a code inside your kit to enable you to join an exclusive pumpkin growing club on Facebook. Here you'll find videos, photos and tips to help you with your pumpkin growing journey and you'll have the chance to ask Jenny questions along the way.

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